DanceRobot hired to film video teaser!

Year 2017 was full of events and actions. DanceRobot has brought lot of joy and fun on corporate events! Let’s see the video cut of this!

DanceRobot was selected as main mascott of the electronic music festival Edmania2017. Played the main role in the first movie teaser. Later appeared during the party night as supporting act.

The show was nice and interesting. I think most players and visitors have been interested in your performance. It was just one word that was done! PGWay by.

DanceRobot will be supporting the biggest  gaming festival in Trnava 10-13.8.2017. Stay tunned, more info and facebook-event. The 2nd edition of PG WAY project, which will take place on 10th-13th of August in the city of Trnava. Confirm your attandance to never miss any news anymore about the event. PG Way Major Trnava is a unique event, which will be held for a period of 4 days, with not only Czech and Slovak teams but foreigners aswell. Players will be the once, who will mostly apreciate the uniqueness due to highest prizepools in Slovakia ever, but visitors can don´t need to worry due to our extensive program and several promo and market places.

Hurray! The robotic show is ready to start! Project dance robot launched!

I was the first mascot of the company Swan. I did the robot promotion for the well known telecommunication company. Robotic advertisement on the open air festivals and sport summer games. International day of the dance 2014 – Eurovea, Cunovo wild water.